Limited Editions
This collection is, like all other collections handmade, but besides that: Every design is made to fit your personality. The finest materials designed according to your wish. Browse the gallery for breath taking examples and contact Emily K for more info or direct sales.

Casual Collection
Ready to wear. The perfect gift and reasonably priced fashionable designs. In many colours, materials and shapes. The finest quality only. These designs can be purchased directly through the Emily K Boutique Shop or use the contact form for direct sales.

Haute Couture
Breath taking designs. Perfect for fashion shows, photo shoots, presentations - live or on television - and the ultimate accessoire for the perfect bride. For conditions and fees for shows, shoots and presentations, direct sales and info, please use the contact form.

Emily K jewelry is costume made and unique, produced in small, limited series. This highly exclusive, top-quality jewelry made of finest selected materials, differ and excel from other crafted jewelry. Characterized by perfection of design, authentic distinctiveness and alluring eternal beauty it is easily recognizable and unforgettable.

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Emily K Jewelry

Special, spectacular, charming, bold, sophisticated, elegant, classy, feminine, sexy.

Something that makes me special, joyful, mysterious, different and better.
There is the jewelry that makes me who I really am.


Emily K Jewelry is a magical, fantasy world of a designer who is inspired by perplexing femininity and power of beauty. This unique and magnificent jewelry is hand crafted with luxuriously detailed semi-precious gemstones and highest quality materials. All designs are custom made, with gifted artist’s ability to recognize personality and style of a woman, accentuating her unique beauty and fashion of femininity with rare and precious imaginative pieces. This timeless, aristocratic, enchanting jewelry complements any special moment in a woman’s life and it can make any ordinary moment a very special one.
Emily K jewelry is now available online!

Emily K

Each new piece of Emiliy K Jewelry is a moment of the designer's inspiration, captured in permanence - it is a new idea, a new love, new touch and a new emotion. The pleasure of comprehensive designing experience is embodied in Emily K jewelry. ©Emily K Jewelry Eternal value, enduring beauty and the finest materials are used to make original and unique pieces of jewelry. They will captivate your attention with the harmony of color, woven into a simple yet special design.


Emily K's continuos inspiration is the desire to spread out beauty, joy and emotions created by the emergence of an original piece. ©Emily K Jewelry She inspires to transform her vision into pieces of jewelry, made for people who will recognise her reflection in the crystal glow.

The elegant pearls, gold- plated and silver, nacre and precious stones are only some of the materials the Emily K Design Jewelry consists of. The materials excel in purity and richness of their natural structures. The artist finds special inspiration in the glittering Swarovski crystals, an integral detail in her luxurious creations. Fascinated with the quality of the crystal fabrication and power of precious stones, Emily is always newly inspired to create.

Emily K Jewelry is unique, produced in small, limited series, exclusive, top-quality and made of finest, selected materials. It is characterised by perfection of design, authentic distinctiveness, ©Emily K Jewelry recognisability and eternal beauty

Discreet or provocative, simple or lavish, Emily K’s jewelry is a strong ally. They will make them stand out from the crowd, attract attention and leave impression of the beauty.

Pleases fully insatiable female fantasy...

Emily K's exclusive designs are perfect for gala's, awards and might also be rented for events like this.

Bridal jewelry can be designed matching the bridal gown and the bride's appearance will be most elegant but most of all: Unique!

The jewelry shown on these webpages are part of much larger collections. Each collection consists of numerous designs in different colours and shapes. If you would like to see more of the collection, or if you are looking for a special design, please contact Emily K.

Emily K Jewelry are available for consumers through the Emily K Jewelry Boutique Webshop or directly by contactform, email or phone. Retailers (including online retailers) that are interested in having my designs in their collection, please contact me for options. Stylists, photographers, production managers: Emily K Jewelry is available for shoots, shows, TV shows etc. Please read the additional info on fees at the contact page. Samples of Emily K Jewelry Design Pieces for shows and shoots can be found at the Gallery of my Portfolio Page.

Text by Branka Panic, Barbara Sirovnik and Peter Versnel.